The Madison Event Center | Cassie & Steve {8.29.15}

The Madison Event Center

We love our job. We admit that there are parts that aren’t as fun as we would like them to be. Taxes for one, not fun. Shooting in 100 degree weather, also not quite as fun as it could be. But when you have a couple as laid back and as beautiful as Cassie & Steve it’s hard to not enjoy our job. Not only were they a dream to photograph, but their bridal party was a ton of fun and made our job easy too! Even the ceremony at St. John’s United Church of Christ and the reception at The Madison Event Center were both fantastic. We may just retire after this one! (To all our couples in the future, we are just kidding).

Tammi started with the girls at Cassie’s parents’ home in Northern Kentucky. She arrived to find all the girls on the back patio just relaxing before the festivities of the day. But after taking some detail shots of the dress, shoes, and jewelry, it was time for everyone to get ready, especially Cassie! Cassie’s mother helped her into her dress along with Cassie’s maid of honor, Rachel. Both Rachel and Cassie’s mother looked fantastic, but to be quite honest, no one could compete with Cassie this day. BEFORE she was ready she was beautiful but once she was 100% ready, she was stunning! It’s then that Tammi knew that the day was going to be fantastic.

Rudy on the other hand was with the guys at Cassie & Steve’s apartment in Newport. He arrived to find the guys entirely ready except for Steve’s final touches. After only a few pictures and a slight mishap with the party bus (how come GPS’s aren’t always right?!), it was time for the photos in Devou Park. First up were the guys. Steve looked awesome and all of his guys did too. They chose to have them dressed in classic tuxes which are just never out of style in our opinion and always look great! The guys were cooperative and fun and so was Steve. During one of the poses, one of the groomsmen said, “Is this the ‘Flying V?!'” Of course he was right and typically Rudy will tell the guys to “FLY V!”.

The girls soon arrived on the bus and it was time for Cassie & Steve to see each other. Before their first look however, they had notes for one another. Per our suggestion, they stood back to back, exchanged the letters and read them. It was incredibly cute and sweet. Then was the big moment; their first look! They both turned around while holding hands and Steve was stunned! Cassie smiled so big it reached from ear to ear. They hugged, kissed, and were ready to go. Well almost! Steve made Cassie do a spin so he could see the dress which made for a great moment for us. It’s almost like they were in our brains all day long!

After some beautiful photos of these two, stunning photos of Cassie by herself, and some fun and cute shots of the girls, we headed to the overlook for a few last photos. Oh! By the way, we are officially “Hybrid” photographers. Basically, we are shooting with both film and digital now a days. 99% digital but a few film shots with our old Hasselblad camera. The quality and silkiness of film is unmatched by digital so we just love it! So we of course took a few frames of Cassie & Steve with our “Hassy”. Next it was time to head to the church.

The ceremony was absolutely packed! So much so that they ran out of seats. It was no surprise to us that they were popular. If you know them, you know it’s nearly impossible to not like them. They are two of the most friendly and laid back people we have ever met. After a quick 20 minute ceremony proceeded by family pictures (which was incredibly efficient thanks to in large by the families themselves), it was finally party time!

The Madison Event Center is one of those places you can always count on. It’s always consistently good each and every time we have been there. Top that off with one of our favorite DJ services, McFadden Music, and we knew that this night was going to be awesome. And it was. A big highlight of the night, however, was probably what you would call an error. During Rachel’s, Cassie’s Maid of Honor, speech suddenly the wireless mic system started picking up another maid of honor’s speech from downstairs at The Madison. Everyone, including the DJ was in shock! He got on the mic and proclaimed, “I have been doing this 25 years and I have never ever heard of something like this happening.” Rachel handled it well and delivered a great speech from the DJ’s hardwired mic. As soon as she wrapped up he said, “Let’s see if she is still talking.” He turned on that mic again and she was. “Man! That girl doesn’t know when to shut up!” He covered the random error that was no fault of his very well and everyone had a few good laughs.

The day, like we said before, was wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for anything more from their day. We want to wish Cassie & Steve many years of happiness. And hopefully we will get to watch them grow over the years and become friends! We love you guys!


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