How not to overindulge at christmas

November 11, 2017 by Jennifer Quisenberry. 7 Tips to Not Overindulge During the Holidays. This post may contain affiliate links. You can read our affiliate policy here. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. com and affiliated sites. For years and years now I have gone a little mad at Christmas and fallen right off my routine. Once that sugar hits my bloodstream i’m like a dog with a bone.

This year is going to be different though. This year I do not want to over indulge as I have done so well for the past 5 months or so.

She might have lost an astonishing four stone in just six months, but this Christmas Josie Gibson has been given a gentle reminder not to overindulge over the holidays.

From roast turkey or chicken to stuffing, mashed potato, gingerbread men, Christmas pudding, fruitcake and whatever your family’s traditional delicacy is – all these spell divine as guilt and girth size are furthest from the.

You’ve spent all year slogging away to keep off those annoying extra pounds that keep sneaking back on and making you feel fat, then Christmas comes and you chuck it all out of the window in the name of the ‘holiday spirit’. How to Not Overindulge During the Holidays. The holidays are known for delicious food! Cakes, cookies, candy, brownies, pies. the list can go on and on!

However, many people may end up overeating during the holidays. Turkey and other fixings are part of a festive Christmas dinner, but experts warn not to overindulge during the holidays. (contributed) One of the toughest challenges during the holidays is resisting the urge to How not to overindulge at christmas. Pick foods that are only available during Christmas and not something easily available that you can also eat at other times.

• Pace yourself with small portions. If you’re visiting many houses, don’t eat to your maximum capacity every time just to please the host. Christmas comes round once a year, and we all know what that brings with it: lots of parties, eating, drinking and over-indulging! How not to overindulge at christmas can we get through the festive season without feeling the bulge in the waistline? Giving them things or experiences that are not appropriate for their age or their interests: Allowing a 5-year-old to dress like a pop star.

Allowing a 12-year-old to watch an R. Just because everyone is eating does not mean that you have to eat everything too. Choosing smaller portions shouldn’t offend anyone. Remember, “If you half-it, you can have it. ” And sometimes it may be necessary to “just say no”. a Vision Romania Christmas shoebox appeal, Macmillan coffee mornings and a knitting project for newborn babies in Uganda. Their generous efforts are featured in Check it Out on page 22.

TREATS has some new events and offers in store for 2014 so why not grab yourself a bargain. See the insert for more details. How to Not Overindulge During the Holidays. The holidays are known for delicious food! Cakes, cookies, candy, brownies, pies. the list can go on and on! Dec 11, 2017. We're not advising anyone to unnecessarily restrict their food intake, but if you want to enjoy the next few weeks without overindulging - or can't. Portion control is a big way to avoid overindulgence.

You don't have to say" No" to a Christmas potluck or party. Just be conscientious about the portions you're. Dec 10, 2016. Healthy living is all about enjoying everything in moderation – deprivation is not allowed in my books and most definitely should not be a part of.

Sep 11, 2015. To help you enjoy the Christmas festivities without regretting your. long as you enjoy these specialities in moderation, there's no harm done. Dec 10, 2015. When it comes to Christmas, overindulgence is all too easy, and with the amount of.

Nope – we're not going to tell you to put down the treats. Dec 11, 2014. It's nearly Christmas! And while it's often a time of joy and good will, it is also a time when many people get sick.

If you're not feeling your best it. Dec 23, 2016. This is perhaps not surprising when you consider that we consume 3, 289 calories during Christmas Day on average, making us tied with the.

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